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Next up: Dublin Flea Christmas Market, 7 - 10th December

**New** Wooden Christmas Decorations.

I printed up a lovely design on a tote bag, and they were so lovely that they're all gone (I nabbed one for myself, they're very handy for carrying stock to shops!). So I decided to try and find a supplier for blank tea-towels (much harder then it sounds), and I tested out the first design - and I carried on testing it, because I loved it, and I messed, and played, and mixed spring colours and liked it more every time I saw it. They're up on the website, but only a few remaining - there will be a new design coming soon. I can't tell you how lovely these are: soft, light, natural coloured tea-towel, block-printed (each one, by hand) More designs and new things coming very soon (I've become a little obsessed by block-printing).

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