The Christmas Print!


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There's something magical about Winter: the dark, icy nights, hibernating under a duvet, starry walks with a loved one, the moon lighting your path, snowy walks in the woods. AND SANTA AND REINDEERS.

**very limited availability**
**Ice blue - very limited availability**

This lovely print has it all, and in four festive colours with contrasting ribbons to boot, in a gorgeous ash frame - hang it on your mantle piece, on your wall, propped on a shelf surrounded by Christmas lights - you might just want to keep this little print up all year.

Also available unframed, at €15, one of the nicest stocking fillers you can get (says the big man) (not Liam Neeson, the big man in the Red Suit) (Santa) (cough)

The print is a lino cut, so the base plate has been designed and carved into the lino. Ink is then applied, silver and gold pigment has been dripped onto the wet ink, and an impression of the lino is made giving you an original print. The print edition is 'open'. Each print is signed on the front, and titled at the back.

Note: There is no gift box with this print - your print will be wrapped in bubble wrap, tissue and ribbon.

Print size approx. 8.4 x 8.4cm
Mount size 15 x 15cm
Frame size 16 x 16cm

Postage No one likes paying for it, so I've tried to keep costs to a minimum
  • Ireland €3.50
  • UK €4.50/ €1.50 each additional item
  • USA €7.00/ €2.00 each additional item
  • Everywhere Else €8.00/ €2.50 each additional item


Image of The Christmas Print! Image of The Christmas Print! Image of The Christmas Print!