Someone to watch over me


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'Someone to watch over me', a gorgeous George Gershwin tune from 1926 (just google it, Frank and Ella do equally beautiful renditions), and as the design has art-deco inspired pattern, it was particularly relevant. Apart from the fact that there are two cooing owls, snuggled together, in a a heart-shape. Everyone needs someone to watch over them.

The print is a lino cut, so the base plate has been designed, carved into the lino. Ink is then applied, and an impression of the lino is made giving you an original print. The print is part of an edition of 250. Each print is signed, titled and numbered.

Available in Small (2 owls) or Medium (2 owls plus owlet) versions, in Gold, just choose your size, framing option AND colour on the drop-down menu, e.g. Small, Framed, GOLD (€50.00).

**framed prints currently out of stock**

Size, Small
Print size approx. 8 x 8cm
Mount size 20 x 20cm
Frame size 23 x 23cm

Size, Medium: size being discontinued, reduced from €70 to €60
Print size approx. 12 x 12cm
Mount size 26 x 26cm
Frame size 29 x 29cm

Postage I've tried to keep costs to a minimum and will endeavour to post your parcel within 3-5 days of order:
  • Ireland €4.00
  • UK €5.00/ €2.50 each additional item
  • USA €8.50/ €3.50 each additional item
  • Everywhere Else €12.00/ €4.50 each additional item



Image of Someone to watch over me Image of Someone to watch over me Image of Someone to watch over me