Woodland Series


Image of Woodland Series

Four adorable lino-prints as part of my woodland range. We have:
  • The adorable 'Dreamy Fox'
  • The very Sweet 'Hidy Bear'
  • The loving pair of 'Bunny Lovely'
  • Last but not least, with his nose in the air is 'Snooty Snail'
  • Not only do they make the perfect gift for a children's room, grown ups will fall for these creatures too.

    The prints are lino cuts, so the base plate has been designed and carved into the lino. Ink is then applied, and an impression of the lino is made giving you an original print - Detail of the foliage has been brought out with the metallic pigments, painted on by hand when the ink is still wet. The print is part of an edition of 250. Each print is signed, titled and numbered.

    **framed prints currently out of stock **

    Print size approx. 8 x 8cm
    Mount size 20 x 20cm
    Frame size 23 x 23cm

    Postage No one likes paying for it, so I've tried to keep costs to a minimum
    • Ireland €4.00
    • UK €5.00/ €2.50 each additional item
    • USA €8.50/ €3.50 each additional item
    • Everywhere Else €12.00/ €4.50 each additional item



    Image of Woodland Series Image of Woodland Series Image of Woodland Series Image of Woodland Series