Image of Fade
'Fade', a surfing term meaning to turn into the breaking point of the wave. Apt too, given the final print effect is faded. Printed in a gorgeous emerald colour, this is a special two plate print, the base is the paler fish, the fade; the second plate is then printed on top.

Available in Small, Medium Large versions, just choose your size and framing option on the dropdown menu, e.g. Small, Framed (€50.00).

The print is a lino cut, so the base plate has been designed, carved into the lino. Ink is then applied, and an impression of the lino is made giving you an original print. The print is part of an edition of 250. Each print is signed, titled and numbered.

Size, Small
Print size approx. 8 x 8cm
Mount size 20 x 20cm
Frame size 23 x 23cm

Size, Medium: size being discontinued, reduced from €70 to €55
Print size approx. 12 x 12cm
Mount size 26 x 26cm
Frame size 29 x 29cm

Postage No one likes paying for it, so I've tried to keep costs to a minimum
  • Ireland €3.50
  • UK €4.50/ €1.50 each additional item
  • USA €7.00/ €2.00 each additional item
  • Everywhere Else €8.00/ €2.50 each additional item


Image of Fade Image of Fade Image of Fade